The Drive Episode 1 Recap: College Goes By Fast


Pac-12 Networks’ outstanding The Drive debuted last year, going behind the scenes with Arizona State and Cal. Season 2 kicked off Wednesday night with the spotlight exclusively on UCLA.

The Bruins are the ideal stars for Season 2 of The Drive for any number of reasons, and episode one delivered.

The College Football Huddle is recapping The Drive throughout the season–though it’s less of a “recap” and more an observation of highlights. Enjoy.

Brett Hundley Gets It

Brett Hundley may be a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate, but he’s still a college student. It’s easy to forget this as top-level college football players become bigger stars.

The Drive shed a bright light on Hundley’s decision to hold off on the NFL draft for at least another year. Video from Hundley first arriving on campus as a freshman in 2011 was an addition that nicely underlined a point he made, to which all of us who’ve graduated can attest: College goes by fast.

The NFL promises Hundley and players like him millions, but it’s ultimately still a job.

How many of us would gladly hold off being in the workforce for a year to go back to college? And if you’re reading this, in all likelihood, your college experience was nothing like Brett Hundley’s.

For one thing, you weren’t on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Of course, if you were, you’d probably want to stock up on copies.

Hundley admitting to buying at least five copies of his cover edition was the kind of tidbit that I love most about The Drive.

“Love-Hate Relationship”

That’s how Hundley described his feelings toward training camp in San Bernardino when I asked him about the tradition head coach Jim Mora started in 2012.

For most Southern Californians, Cal State San Bernardino is simply one of the last exits on the 15 they whiz by before hitting the Cajon Pass on their way to Vegas.

Episode 1 of The Drive captured the essence Mora was going for when he moved camp from Westwood in his first season.

San Bernardino is hot; really hot. It’s also remote in comparison to the hustle and bustle of UCLA.

The campus of CSUSB butts up against a mountain range, inhabited by wildlife like mountain lions. So yeah, it’s 80 miles from Los Angeles but worlds apart.

There’s no wonder the Bruins have played with such an edge under Mora. It’s forged in training camp.

Jerry Neuheisel has a Future in TV

Former UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel is a breakout star as an analyst for Pac-12 Networks. He can seamlessly transition from brilliant football mind, evident in his series Under Center, to crooning comedian.

Evidently, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Bruins back-up quarterback Jerry Neuheisel chewed the scenery in his appearances, with the highlight being his uncanny imitation of his dad.

A possible father-son tandem on Pac-12 Networks in 2015? Could be the first spin-off from The Drive.