Happy Star Wars Trailer Day!


The first Star Wars trailer is here, and despite my initial hesitation, I am amped. Check it out below:

Disclaimer for newer readers: I am a Star Wars geek. References to the original series are plentiful on this site: here’s a Kansas State-Oklahoma preview predicated entirely on the premise Bill Snyder is Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bob Stoops is Anakin Skywalker.

Believe it or not, college football is fertile ground for Star Wars references — at least, it is if you’re an obsessive fan-boy for both, as I am. Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp might have a difficult time seeing the correlation.

However, I’m not alone in my attempts to marry the two seeming opposites. Just a few years ago, when Ole Miss was abandoning its old Confederate-inspired mascot in something of more mainstream, a moment for the Rebels of Ole Miss to become the Rebel Alliance.

I still say Ole Miss whiffed on an opportunity to expand its fan base by not making Admiral Ackbar its mascot.

Anyway, now that I’ve seen the Star Wars trailer, I’m as hyped for the arrival of Episode VII as I am for kickoff of the 2015 college football season.

I met Disney tabbing J.J. Abrams to take the series into its next phase with the same skepticism hardcore college football fans have of coaching hires. Much like a Miami die-hard looking at Al Golden cynically — how, after never winning the MAC is he going to win a national championship? — I’ve wondered how Abrams would handle a universe I love when his previous foray into a genre I enjoy, monster movies, was so boring.

But the new Star Wars trailer is the proverbial home-run recruiting class. Consider this Steve Sarkisian’s 2014 signing day at USC.