Sept. 3 News: Cardale Jones Taken to Hospital with Head Pain


A scary headline surfaced Wednesday, which would have put a serious damper on kickoff of the college football season. Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones was rushed to the hospital with “head pain.”

You read head pain in football, and your mind likely goes to a very unpleasant place. Not that Cardale Jones’ actual prognosis was pleasant, mind you:

As someone who’s endured migraine, I can attest to the pain sometimes warranting an emergency trip to the hospital. I suffered a migraine so intense a few years ago, I was unable to process coherent words to explain to my wife (then-girlfriend) the problem.

Cardale Jones will likely get an IV, and perhaps a heating pack to hold between his hands (trust me on that one).

College Football’s Opening Weekend Evolves from Mismatch to Can’t-Miss

Ray Glier, The New York Times

The Alabama Crimson Tide are readying for a Week 1 showdown with Big Ten title picture stalwart Wisconsin. Alabama’s Iron Bowl counterpart, Auburn, is preparing for a tough Louisville bunch.

College football’s opening weekend features some high-profile matchups, a departure from past years when Week 1 was largely reserved for a tune-up game — explained effectively enough in the otherwise terrible The Longest Yard remake:

The above clip would be a lot more effective had Sandler gone with a team other than Appalachian State, but I digress.

Ray Glier’s in-depth examination of the changing philosophy on opening week games focuses heavily on the 2016 season, which promises even more intriguing matchups.

ESPN vice president of programming Dave Brown explained to Glier: “The start of the 2016 season will be one of the most amazing weekends ever in college football,” Brown said. “The N.F.L. will still be playing exhibition games.”

Gionni Paul Primed to Be Utah’s Next Breakout Defensive Star

Today’s U.

Utah’s established its identity on defense in the Pac-12, the Land of Offense. Some of the conference’s biggest defensive have been Utes as a result, and Kyle Whittingham may have his next one in Gionni Paul.

Paul, a transfer from Miami, returns to the Utah lineup in 2015 from a devastating foot injury that nearly ended his career. Along with fellow linebackers Jared Norris and Jason Whittingham, they’ll key a stout defense ready to compete for national recognition — and that begins Thursday night in prime time vs. Michigan.


Need more reason to get excited for opening night? Can I interest you in some hype videos?

Arizona State


This Is Autzen from Fowlplay2010 on Vimeo.

Michigan State

Virginia Tech’s Rematch with Ohio State

Duke Blue Devils


Georgia Bulldogs

Feeling Good from Georgia Football on Vimeo.