Can Michigan State Football Get Some Respect?


You’d think 11-plus wins in four of the last five seasons, a Big Ten championship, a Rose and a Cotton Bowl would be enough to get Michigan State football some respect.


The Detroit News caught this CBS gaffe, wherein the maize-and-blue Michigan logo appears alongside undefeated Michigan State’s name in the College Football Playoff Top 10 ranking.

That would be the same Michigan team the Spartans beat for the third consecutive time and seventh time in the last eight years. It’s been less than a month since Sparty’s remarkable, last-second victory.

I suppose Arizona and Arizona State fans subjected to this mix-up on a weekly basis can take some solace in another program being similarly confused.

Coincidentally, the state of Arizona has further involvement in Michigan State’s lack of respect. Former Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D’Antoni? He’s apparently doubled up on the gridiron, as well.

While surely not offensive to Michigan State die-hards as a comparison to rival Michigan, confusing Mark Dantonio with Mike D’Antoni is still pretty egregious.

After all, the Spartans actually play defense.