Cobra, Von Miller and Other SEC Legends

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller’s Super Bowl 50 MVP is now to college football what 1986 train-wreck Cobra is to cinema. The dreadful Sylvester Stallone actioneer was loosely based off a novel by Paula Gosling entitled Fair Game. Upon Cobra‘s release, Warner Books wanted the book rereleased to capitalize on the film’s box office success. […]


Georgia and Georgia Tech Are Underrated Heading into 2015

Rivals Georgia and Georgia Tech prepare for the 2015 season with standout offensive weapons, stout offensive lines and defensive talent. The Bulldogs in particular have one of the nation’s best linebacker groups, and Tech’s defense should be improved over last year’s, which allowed 25.7 points per game. Neither Georgia nor Georgia Tech is entirely overlooked […]


Some Truth to Dave Doeren on ACC vs. SEC

NC State head coach Dave Doeren said at Tuesday’s session of ACC media days that his home conference has outperformed the mighty SEC over the last two seasons. Before rolling your eyes back into your head far enough to examine your brain, consider where Doeren is coming from. For those of us college football followers […]


TBT: Breaking Up With The SEC

Of the SEC’s 14 current universities, 10 were charter members in 1932. Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt had help launching the Southeastern Conference from Georgia Tech, Sewanee: The University of the South and Tulane. Tulane was the last of the charter members to leave the SEC, parting […]


2015 Conference Championship Game Predictions

Over the new few weeks, is rolling out some predictions for the 2015 college season. The following is a projection of each conference championship game, from the inaugural American Athletic, to the one that started it all: the SEC. AMERICAN ATHLETIC Saturday, Dec. 5 | Location: High seed’s home field This year marks the […]


College Football News May 13: Future of the Triple-Option

There’s a reason certain programs like Navy are dedicated to the triple-option: the scheme’s nuances can overcome certain talent deficiencies. The Midshipmen have ridden their version of the triple-option to consistent winning seasons, with the occasional upset of a Notre Dame or other high-level opponent sprinkled in. Last year, Navy took eventual champion Ohio State […]


Football News April 18: 2015 Big for Christian Hackenberg

A veritable smorgasbord of spring games awaits on April 18, the most active Saturday of football since December, and until September. A bevy of sub-plots starring quarterbacks begin to unfold for the college football-watching nation to overanalyze for the remaining offseason. Among Saturday’s most intriguing quarterback story headlines include competitions, like the murky 5-player race […]