Heisman Top 10: Big Ten Heisman Contenders in 2016

The 2016 season marks the 10-year anniversary of the last Big Ten Heisman recipient. Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith won the 2006 edition of the award in a landslide, beating out Arkansas running back Darren McFadden 2,540 votes to 878. It stood as the Big Ten’s biggest rout of the SEC all the way until […]


4th and 25 Changed The Football Landscape

4th and 25. Those who follow the SEC need no elaboration, particularly Arkansas or Ole Miss fans. However, the wildest play of the 2015 season should hold equal significance for supporters of Alabama, Clemson, Michigan State, Iowa, Ohio State…basically, any team directly impacted by the resulting outcome. The Razorbacks’ 4th and 25 hook-and-lateral play immediately […]


October Superlatives: Trevone Boykin, Alabama Step Up

October attrition starts to whittle down college football’s contenders. The legitimate competitors for conference supremacy and individual honors are revealed as schedules start tightening up. Don’t be surprised when several of the CFB Huddle October Superlatives honorees are in contention for national awards by season’s end — and that includes the Heisman Trophy. Trevone Boykin […]


Four Downs on Week 7: American Rising

The Bowl Championship Series came back from summer break upgraded to College Football Playoff and had become too good for the American Athletic Conference. Since their break-up, the American loaded up with great coaches, began maximizing the potential of some of its programs, and has come back smoking hot. The Playoff didn’t know what it […]