TBT: Unraveling the 2008 BCS Mess

No season in the 15 years of the Bowl Championship Series become more of a tangled mess than 2008. Controversy was inherent with the BCS, which is why the College Football Playoff now exists — and, in fact, the College Football Playoff largely owes its existence to the 2008 BCS debacle. The push for postseason […]


College Football News April 17: LSU QB Situation

Friday’s college football headlines tackle the dire LSU QB situation, which takes center stage in the Tigers’ spring game Saturday. Wisconsin is also scrimmaging this weekend, as the Badgers’ process of Melvin Gordon moves forward. LSU Spring Game: Five Things to Watch, David Ching, ESPN.com LSU hosts its National L-Club Game Saturday afternoon, and all […]


Initial Reads March 16: Texas Ticket Prices Rise

America’s love affair with football has the game’s decision-makers seeing dollar signs. That’s not a good thing, argues W. Scott Bailey, particularly in the case of Texas ticket prices for 2015. For San Antonio Business Journal, Bailey writes that the six-percent increase, coupled with more restrictive rules on reselling, puts college football on “a dangerous […]


Is Bob Stoops on a Mack Brown Career Arc?

If the turmoil in which Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and his program are in seems familiar, that’s because they’re beginning to feel very much like the end of rival Texas’ run with Mack Brown at the helm. Stoops and Brown are part of that exclusive college football club of coaches with national championships, and […]