Justin Timberlake Endorses Memphis to Big 12

Big 12 expansion took an unexpected turn for the entertaining Wednesday thanks to Justin Timberlake. Yes, THAT Justin Timberlake. Nevermind the involvement of FedEx or any elaborate Power Point presentations, J-Timb’s Twitter endorsement of Memphis for Big 12 inclusion certainly tips the scales in the Tigers’ favor from my humble perspective. Memphis to the @Big12Conference… […]


Amid Big 12 Talk, UConn Football Has Big-Time Potential

Establishing a flourishing football program presents a challenge at an established Basketball School. That’s the kind of stigma UConn football must overcome to make a compelling case for Big 12 Conference expansion. Make no mistake, adding Connecticut basketball — men’s or women’s — to a league that already features several bonafide hardwood powerhouses improves the […]


The Citadel Beats South Carolina…Again

The Citadel scored one of the biggest upsets of the 2015 college football season last November, deploying its option offense and an aggressive defense to beat South Carolina in Columbia, 23-22. The win snapped a 27-game losing streak for the FCS program against SEC competition, but despite its historic implications, probably won’t air on South […]


Game Balls: Mike Gundy’s Media Days Mullet

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and his “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin-inspired hairdo, debuted at this week’s Big 12 Media Days, captures the tone of this time of year. The head Cowboy’s mullet sports business in the front, and coaches do indeed push the serious tone during media day season. But, the party in the back […]


Heisman Top 10: Big 12 Heisman Contenders

Since the conference’s formation two decades ago, the amount of Big 12 Heisman winners (5) trails only the SEC (6). However, we approach the fifth year since a Big 12 Heisman candidate last hoisted the hardware; the longest drought in the league’s history. Robert Griffin III dazzled in 2011, edging two-time Stanford runner-up Andrew Luck […]


NEC Social Media Day Shows Possibilities in Digital Sports

Northeast Conference director of communications and social media, Ralph Ventre, refers to the burgeoning frontier of online platforms as “the great equalizer.” “It allows a league like the Northeast Conference to get its message out just as effectively as the SEC would,” Ventre said. Thursday’s NEC Social Media Day — which begins at 11 a.m. […]


The Presidential Election Needs A Playoff

Day 1 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was an event befitting the 2016 presidential election — which is to label it a theater of the absurd. Less than five months remain until voters decide whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will hold Office for the next four years, yet a common refrain from […]


Bret Bielema’s Red Shoe Razorbacks

From the man who brought you a “borderline erotic” kneel-down, Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema is bringing sexy back to SEC media days. Play that saxophone! On the cancellation of a scheduled nonconference game against Michigan: “I know Michigan-Notre Dame sounds sexy. I think Michigan-Arkansas sounds sexy.” On the Razorbacks’ identity compared to that […]


PODCAST: Ben Kercheval on The Baylor-Texas Dynamic

A byproduct of the upheaval within the Baylor football program is a recruiting boon for Texas. CBS Sports’ college football reporter Ben Kercheval joins CFB Huddle Podcast host Josh Webb to discuss the odd dynamics stemming from this situation. Follow Ben on Twitter @BenKercheval. Subscribe to the CFB Huddle Podcast on iTunes.


For The SEC, Winter Is Here

Whether you love or hate the SEC, you have to admit the last decade has been very, very good for the conference from a football perspective. But all things must end. We’re on the cusp of seeing the SEC’s dominance cycle out for a while. For just how long is the great unknown, but a […]