5 For Friday: Football Trick Videos


Congratulations on enduring another work week. To celebrate, enjoy some football trick videos, inspired by San Jose State quarterback Kenny Potter.

San Jose State’s official athletic account tweeted the following clip of Potter launching a pass from the back row of Spartan Stadium, into a trash can below.

Note the flip-flops, a touch that adds a little extra California panache to the video. Folks in NorCal might call that hella rad.

Similar trick videos gained the Dude Perfect bros some online clout a few years ago, but also spawned conspiracy theories. Were the videos doctored?

Personally, I choose to believe the veracity of Potter’s stadium sling. I also still believe Mr. Perfect completed a pass to himself for whatever it’s worth.

In homage to Kenny Potter, here are five of my favorite trick videos from the past year in college football.

Long-Snapper Madness

Long-snapper is one of those thankless jobs in sports that only garners attention when there’s a botch. Thus, it’s cool to see them get some love for trick videos going rival.

Western Kentucky’s Nolan Dowling dropped a perfect snap from the concourse of L.T. Smith Stadium…

…while University of Buffalo’s Corbin Grassman paid homage to William Tell. This Grassman clip from last summer gives me anxiety every time I watch it.

Tarik Cohen’s Flip-Catch

North Carolina A&T do-everything dynamo Tarik Cohen garnered national attention for his star performance in December’s Celebration Bowl. Had you seen Cohen’s remarkable ball-handling skills in the summer, his 295-yard, three-touchdown performance on national television probably wouldn’t have surprised you.

The guy’s got superpowers.

Kicking From A Mile Out

The played-out #CollegeKickers hashtag could get some retooling, if Florida newcomer Eddy Pineiro has his way.

The Gator freshman became a social media sensation as a high schooler, as clips of him connecting from further and further out surfaced. His masterpiece is a 77-yarder. With his kind of hangtime, you could go to the refrigerator to fetch a drink and return in time to see the ball split the uprights.

The Amazing Flip-Kick

Forget moving back point-after attempts, NFL. If you really want to make the game more interesting, offer teams additional points for connecting on back-flip kicks.

Texas’ Nick Rose and Georgia Southern’s Younghoe Koo both mastered the unappreciated art.

Rutgers’ Ring of Honor

Happy Friday, everyone.