Quandre Diggs vs. Mike Gundy vs. Longhorn Network

Quandre Diggs subtweeted Mike Gundy, and all of Oklahoma State athletics. Welcome to the offseason. The actual tweet is embedded below, though a screenshot is included in case the original mysterious disappears. We can go to whatever conference we want, but them on the other hand… https://t.co/pTMYzvet16 — Quandre Diggs (@qdiggs6) March 22, 2016 CFB […]


5 For Friday: College Football Coordinators Mt. Rushmore

This week’s Q&A featured a question on first-year college football coordinators. Not included was the following gem from Bang The Book Radio’s Adam Burke, a topic deserving its own column. @kensing45 @cfbhuddle Who would be on the current "Mount Rushmore" of offensive & defensive coordinators? — Adam Burke (@SkatingTripods) March 16, 2016 This is 5 […]


5 For Friday: The Best Conference Championship Games

Conference Championship Week — excuse me, “Champ Week,” as ESPN has rebranded it — is afoot and leading us directly into Selection Sunday. For college basketball junkies, it doesn’t get much better than the week-and-change of tournaments played across the country. Conference tournaments have given us such memorable moments as the 2009, six-overtime classic between […]


Q&A: Grading Bob Stoops Hires; Pac-12 Coaches Battle Royale

Q&A makes its long-awaited* return with some great topics. Bob Stoops — who earned the “Big Game” moniker long before John Cena — main events a card also featuring a Pac-12 coaches battle royale. If you have a question for CFB Huddle Q&A, tweet @kensing45 or @cfbhuddle. * = debatable. @kensing45 @cfbhuddle Grade Bob Stoops […]


The State of College Sports Media

Right now might be the best and worst time to be a fan of college sports. On the one hand, college sports are ubiquitous and unrelenting. On the dominant hand, the problems associated with college sports seem to be even more ubiquitous and more unrelenting. It’s as though each sport comes standard with 99 problems. The issues […]


Cobra, Von Miller and Other SEC Legends

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller’s Super Bowl 50 MVP is now to college football what 1986 train-wreck Cobra is to cinema. The dreadful Sylvester Stallone actioneer was loosely based off a novel by Paula Gosling entitled Fair Game. Upon Cobra‘s release, Warner Books wanted the book rereleased to capitalize on the film’s box office success. […]


A Dream for Big 12, Championship Game Deregulation

The NCAA announced Wednesday, via the DI Council conference championship deregulation. The decision effectively opening the door for the Big 12 and Sun Belt to host title games without expansion. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby immediately followed the NCAA’s announcement with a statement of his own, reassuring opponents of a potential championship game after the […]


Robert Sarver’s Silly Millennial Blaming

This is a college football website, so Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver blaming his NBA franchise’s woes on “millennial culture” seems a bit out of place here. And, because this is a college football website, I’ll refrain from harping on how Robert Sarver’s failed tenure heading the Suns is a disaster, bound for its sixth […]


Bowl Preview Bonanza Part V: Halfway Home

When we last left off, the CFB Huddle Bowl Preview Bonanza dangled from thr proverbial cliff. Part IV began with the first of the four-game Tuesday slate, but ended there. That’s because the Armed Forces Bowl marks the exact midway point of the bowl season, thus making for a natural time to take an intermission. […]


Bowl Preview Bonanza Part IV: Beginning of The End

The proliferation of bowl games that facilitated 5-7 postseason participants (2-0, suckers!) accelerated in the last five years. However, it began with a creep at the turn of the millennium. Before various pre-Christmas bowls surfaced in the early 2000s, this week between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 was the appetizer ahead of the New Year’s […]