College Football News May 24: Restoring Dormant Rivalries

Too many college football rivalries were sacrificed to the gods of television revenue, vis-a-vis conference realignment. From the Backyard Brawl to Oklahoma-Nebraska, the staff at The Student Section breaks down dormant rivalries that need a reboot. Of all the realignment-killed rivalries, the Backyard Brawl’s demise is especially asinine. West Virginia shirking a decades-old, bitter rivalry […]


Initial Reads March 16: Texas Ticket Prices Rise

America’s love affair with football has the game’s decision-makers seeing dollar signs. That’s not a good thing, argues W. Scott Bailey, particularly in the case of Texas ticket prices for 2015. For San Antonio Business Journal, Bailey writes that the six-percent increase, coupled with more restrictive rules on reselling, puts college football on “a dangerous […]