5/3 News: Oregon Uniforms; Rutgers Wrestling Doubleheader


Always finding ways to stay fresh and original, the Oregon uniforms sported Saturday in the Ducks’ spring game paid homage to the program’s 1916 season.

The Ducks’ threads look good, but how will Oregon shape up on the field in 2016? It’s among the bigger questions looming for Pac-12 football in the campaign to come.

Oregon Uniforms One Part of Ducks Identity

Today’s U.

Oregon going old-school with its look contrasts nicely with the throwback movement in play-calling style evident in the Pac-12. Washington’s rise, USC’s retooling and UCLA’s revamped look all suggest a shift in the league landscape, and Matt Brown of Sports on Earth posits here the new Pac-12 threat has Oregon in peril.

New faces arrive in Eugene to help the Ducks keep pace. In the above linked Today’s U. piece, I spotlight one such newcomer, Brady Hoke. Another: freshman wide receiver Dillon Thomas, one of the Pac-12’s most important freshmen for 2016.

Rutgers wrestling paired with football

Ryan Dunleavy, Asbury Park Press

Professional wrestling’s long associated itself with football, right down to holding its biggest cards in venues of significance to college football: the Superdome (Mid-South and Wrestlemania XXX); the Orange Bowl (JCP’s War Games); the Cotton Bowl (World Class); and most recently, Wrestlemania 32 at Jerry World.

Amateur wrestling is going to give it a go in a college football venue this season, as part of a doubleheader with a prime-time, Big Ten gridiron.

UNH helps trooper in need

Allen Lessels, UNH Insider

This story is a week old, but it deserves your attention if you missed it. Three University of New Hampshire players — Ismail Asongwed, Quinlen Dean and Isiah Perkins — drove past the scene of an attack on a state trooper.

The trio came to the trooper’s aid.

Player misconduct seemingly dominates headlines this time of year, so an instance like this one is especially worthy of publicity — even if the players themselves downplayed publicity.

C-USA Commish lauds league’s TV profile

Harry Minium, The Virginian-Pilot

The evolving college football landscape brings a flood of revenue to power programs, but the future grows murkier for the sport’s outsiders.

Even so, Conference USA commissioner Judy MacLeod trumpeted the value of the league’s TV profile speaking Monday in Norfolk.

C-USA’s tenuous place in the plans of current broadcast Fox, and suitor ESPN, underscores the have vs. have-not nature of the sport at present, as well as the unknown of TV’s future.