Nick Bowers Dunk Is My Motivation

Penn State tight end Nick Bowers, I hereby declare that you are the third person to whom I dedicate my next dunk — which will also be my first in many, many years. I recently set a goal to regain the ability to dunk a basketball, which I could do as a 17-year-old. Thanks to […]


Heisman Top 10: Big Ten Heisman Contenders in 2016

The 2016 season marks the 10-year anniversary of the last Big Ten Heisman recipient. Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith won the 2006 edition of the award in a landslide, beating out Arkansas running back Darren McFadden 2,540 votes to 878. It stood as the Big Ten’s biggest rout of the SEC all the way until […]

Talking About OJ Simpson and Football

The OJ Simpson murder trial gained renewed attention in 2016 with ESPN’s gripping documentary, OJ: Made in America, and the FX docudrama The People vs. OJ Simpson. The FX series embodied the absurdity of the media circus surrounding the case, in particular the trial itself, which functioned as a precursor to the reality TV craze […]

College Football Countdown: No. 89 Dave Robinson

Penn State and Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame defensive end/linebacker Dave Robinson owes much of his success to garbage. When the former two-way Nittany Lions standout Robinson was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997, he explained to the Philadelphia Inquirer the role garbage collection played in building him into a […]

From Joe Paterno to Baylor, Football Shouldn’t Rule All

How the NCAA might intervene on allegations the late Joe Paterno knew of disgraced defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children as early as 1976 should not have been your first thought upon hearing the news. It shouldn’t have been your second, or even your third. Football should be the furthest thing from your […]


Satellite Camp Ban Hurts Recruits and Programs

The NCAA-ratified satellite camp ban, announced Friday, hurts college football’s programs that stand to benefit the most. Jim Harbaugh may have to wear his shirt more as a result of the satellite camp ban, but Michigan will soldier on. Harbaugh’s NFL resume and unorthodox yet winning ways combine with the Wolverines’ historical prominence to ensure […]


Alabama Football and President Obama Historically Linked

No college football program and presidency have ever been as connected as Alabama and President Obama. Sure, President Gerald Ford was a standout player at Michigan, and Woodrow Wilson’s efforts at then-powerhouse Princeton helped shape the foundation of the modern game. But the Crimson Tide and our nation’s 44th president share a unique bond, unlikely […]


The Best of National Signing Day 2016

Outstanding letters of intent aside, National Signing Day 2016 nears its conclusion. Feel free to take a breath and give your index finger a break after it spent the last few hours furiously hitting F-5. National Signing Day 2016 brought college football recruiting to a whole new level of spectacle, between Bleacher Report’s increasingly elaborate […]

Aug. 11 News: Christian Hackenberg Begins Bounce-Back 2015

Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg’s true freshman 2013 validated the 5-star praise he had coming in, but he struggled through a sophomore slump in 2014. Ralph D. Russo of the Associated Press talked with Christian Hackenberg about the challenges of the quarterback’s sophomore season, which Hackenberg sees as having value for his junior campaign: “Overall, […]