Heisman Top 10: Big 12 Heisman Contenders

Since the conference’s formation two decades ago, the amount of Big 12 Heisman winners (5) trails only the SEC (6). However, we approach the fifth year since a Big 12 Heisman candidate last hoisted the hardware; the longest drought in the league’s history. Robert Griffin III dazzled in 2011, edging two-time Stanford runner-up Andrew Luck […]

PODCAST: Ben Kercheval on The Baylor-Texas Dynamic

A byproduct of the upheaval within the Baylor football program is a recruiting boon for Texas. CBS Sports’ college football reporter Ben Kercheval joins CFB Huddle Podcast host Josh Webb to discuss the odd dynamics stemming from this situation. Follow Ben on Twitter @BenKercheval. Subscribe to the CFB Huddle Podcast on iTunes.

Talking About OJ Simpson and Football

The OJ Simpson murder trial gained renewed attention in 2016 with ESPN’s gripping documentary, OJ: Made in America, and the FX docudrama The People vs. OJ Simpson. The FX series embodied the absurdity of the media circus surrounding the case, in particular the trial itself, which functioned as a precursor to the reality TV craze […]

Is The Big 12 Conference Salvageable?

How close the Big 12 Conference was to full implosion six years ago this month, the world may never truly know. So many conflicting accounts surfaced at the time, and still leak out today, it’s difficult to parse reality from fiction. Colorado was the first to go, leaving for the former Pac-10 on the 10th. […]


Baylor Football and Society’s Sports Addiction

There are times covering sports when I just question their purpose. The Baylor football rape scandal, which Thursday cost Art Briles his head coaching job, is one such instance. Too much cultural importance is assigned to trivial pursuits. Read any pop culture blog — or hell, even many reputable news outlets — and take in […]


Art Briles Twitter Lets Out A Gaffe

Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned; the Art Briles Twitter account tweeted a most inopportunely boastful infographic Thursday afternoon in the wake of a damning Outside The Lines report. #TruthDontLie #BeCourageous #BaylorFootballBeAChampion — Coach Art Briles (@CoachArtBriles) May 19, 2016 I add the qualifier “Art Briles Twitter account” as opposed to naming the […]

From Joe Paterno to Baylor, Football Shouldn’t Rule All

How the NCAA might intervene on allegations the late Joe Paterno knew of disgraced defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children as early as 1976 should not have been your first thought upon hearing the news. It shouldn’t have been your second, or even your third. Football should be the furthest thing from your […]


Rethinking How Sports Media Covers Topics Like Baylor, Tennessee

Unsavory news emanating from the Baylor and Tennessee football programs recently is certainly unnerving, but unfortunately nothing new. Sports journalists have had to leave their posts in the Toy Department to report on matters much weightier than box scores for years. My first introduction to a more troubling side of the world colliding with the […]


NCAA Tournament Teams Suited for College Football

Every March, the NCAA Tournament attracts casual fans whose sports interest typically resides elsewhere for the other 11 months of the year. For college football fans, some of the teams that made the 2016 NCAA Tournament might seem foreign. This year’s Field of 68 featured 14 universities with Football Championship Subdivision programs, including 2015 FCS […]


Bowl Preview Bonanza Part V: Halfway Home

When we last left off, the CFB Huddle Bowl Preview Bonanza dangled from thr proverbial cliff. Part IV began with the first of the four-game Tuesday slate, but ended there. That’s because the Armed Forces Bowl marks the exact midway point of the bowl season, thus making for a natural time to take an intermission. […]


Week 11 Heisman Top 10: Derrick Henry vs. Deshaun Watson

November performances define Heisman Trophy candidacies. Front-runners like Alabama running back Derrick Henry and Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson are hitting their stride at just the right time, both to pace their teams’ title aspirations and bolster their case for college football’s most prestigious, individual award. Derrick Henry now has a rush TD in 15 straight […]