The Best of National Signing Day 2016

Outstanding letters of intent aside, National Signing Day 2016 nears its conclusion. Feel free to take a breath and give your index finger a break after it spent the last few hours furiously hitting F-5. National Signing Day 2016 brought college football recruiting to a whole new level of spectacle, between Bleacher Report’s increasingly elaborate […]


UCLA Recruiting Wins Need to Turn Into Results

The 2016 UCLA recruiting class checked in at No. 16 of 247Sports’ composite rankings before adding 4-star safety Brandon Burton. Now that the Bruins have the standout from nearby Serra, UCLA surpasses Stanford with the most 4-star commitments in the Pac-12. 4-Star safety Brandon Burton (@BraandonD1) uses a game of paintball to announce his commitmenthttps://t.co/YxfntDgbDJ […]


Tennessee Titans, NFL Refuse to Evolve

Sometimes, the NFL can be a real downer for a college football die-hard such as myself. Today’s Tennessee Titans press conference introducing retread Mike Mularkey as its new head coach was the NFL going into full buzzkill mode. The Titans drafting 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota piqued my interest, and Mariota’s stellar debut gave […]

CFB Huddle Podcasts (1)

PODCAST: The State of USC Football

It’s a new year, and USC football heads into 2016 with a new head coach, new starting quarterback and largely new staff. Joining host Josh Webb to discuss the state of USC football is Paolo Uggetti, sports editor and USC beat reporter for NeonTommy.com. Josh and Paolo break down USC’s outlook for the coming season, […]


It’s Hard Out Here for Coordinators

Coordinators operate as college football programs canaries-in-the-coal-mine, or Uncle Elmer’s trick knee just before a tornado. Abrupt dismissal of a coordinator often suggests impending trouble, or damage control amid ongoing turmoil. The relatively short shelf-life of most coordinators is reflective of today’s win-now college football landscape, albeit at warp-speed. This week alone, four programs coming […]


#WellActually, Here Are The All-Bowl Team Omissions

The Associated Press did a nice job with its All-Bowl Team. Seriously! No one included on either offense or defense jumps out as an egregious selection. The AP includes highlights for each of its selections at its home site, but here’s a brief snapshot: ALL-BOWL TEAM OFFENSE • QB Bram Kohlhausen, TCU • RB Leonard […]


Robert Sarver’s Silly Millennial Blaming

This is a college football website, so Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver blaming his NBA franchise’s woes on “millennial culture” seems a bit out of place here. And, because this is a college football website, I’ll refrain from harping on how Robert Sarver’s failed tenure heading the Suns is a disaster, bound for its sixth […]