Who Really Runs Texas Football?

One of the ways in which Texas A&M continuously tweaks rival Texas since the former’s move to the SEC is with the hashtag “WRTS.” For those unversed in Twitterese, that translates to We Run This State, a not-so-subtle declaration that the Aggies are the foremost players in the Texas football landscape. With the backing of […]


Wake Forest vs. Stephen Colbert and Kevin Wilson

Wake Forest football is an odd target for barbs, given the Demon Deacons are seven years removed from their last bowl appearance, finished 2014 3-9 and had the nation’s worst scoring offense save only SMU. And yet, here is poor Wake in the headlines because of it’s been mocked by Stephen Colbert and Indiana head […]


A Word on Jimmy Garoppolo

So the NFL is reportedly suspending New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady four games for his role in deflated footballs. Yeah, it’s stupid and has dominated the landscape of sports takes, but next up on the defending Super Bowl champion Pats’ depth chart is Jimmy Garoppolo. Hey, as someone who follows the Football Championship Subdivision […]


TBT: NFL Draft Busts and Their College Careers

I read a listicle recently that posited Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush are some of the most overrated college football players ever. There’s no scientific way to deduce if a player is overrated or underrated, thus any such label is subjective. That said, Leinart, Tebow and Bush were all Heisman Trophy and national […]