Week 9 Saturday Six-Pack: Halloween Edition


Happy Halloween and welcome to Week 9 of the college football season. To celebrate the intersection of my favorite sport with one of my favorite holidays, I employed the Silver Shamrock Company to manufacture one college football team’s helmets.

Alternate uniforms may be passe, but an alternate helmet that turns wearers’ heads into snakes and arachnids certainly takes the trend in a new direction.

Week 9 isn’t just All Hallow’s Eve. This also marks the last Saturday before College Football Playoff rankings are released. The coming weekend offers would-be Playoff contenders one last opportunity to impress the committee before their initial deliberations.

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WEEK 9 SIX-PACK: A Halloween Sampler!

A big part of the Halloweens of my youth was that moment first returning home after a successful night of Trick-or-Treat, dumping out my bag and sifting through the assortment of goodies my neighbors offered. Consider this the adult version of that feeling.

The Week 9 Saturday Six-Pack isn’t a six-pack at all, but rather an assortment of autumn and Halloween-themed beers. First up: ALESMITH EVIL DEAD RED. The San Diego-based brewery’s American red ale is hoppy without going overboard, which the Southern California producers tend to do.

Another San Diego County brewery produces the Six-Pack’s second sampling, LOST ABBEY WITCH’S WIT. Witch’s Wit is a Belgian witbier, and the sweetness of Belgians can be an acquired taste. For those who enjoy Belgian beers, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Rounding out the Week 9 sampler, what would Halloween be without pumpkins? SOUTHERN TIER PUMKING is the last pumpkin beer of the season to get a recommendation. Its combination of sweetness and spice makes Pumking a great option to close out the night while taking in Week 9’s late kickoffs.