Week 11 Saturday Six-Pack: Into The Playoff Blob

College football 2015 is in its stretch run, with just three full weeks remaining. The College Football Playoff picture isn’t quite yet taking an actual shape. As last week’s upheaval proved, fluidity defines the current state, and one Saturday can throw everything we think we know into flux. Saturday’s lineup presents the possibility of more […]

When A Plan Comes Together: Cal’s Third-And-36 Conversion

In the ol’ Book of Football Cliches is an entry dedicated to “Nothing in the playbook for third-and-whatever.” The actual distance from which this cliche can be accurately invoked is ambiguous, but is essentially anything behind the original line of scrimmage. Or, if you’re Jesse Palmer, it’s third-and-California. (I kid because I love, Jess. Let’s […]


Friday Q&A: Floyd Mayweather vs. The SEC

Floyd Mayweather’s long-anticipated title fight against Manny Pacquiao dominated sports headlines a week ago, so it’s only fitting that it kicks off this week’s Q&A session. The bellyaching that ensued after Floyd Mayweather fought a prototypical Floyd Mayweather fight made our first question easy to answer. If you’d like your topic addressed in Q&A, tweet […]