Championship Week: Previewing The Conference Championship Games


Conference championship weekend marks the last hurrah of the college football regular season. Cue the music.

What a wild, fun ride it’s been from the last weekend of August, when Montana and North Dakota State officially kicked off the 2015 season, to this point in December. Coincidentally, Montana plays North Dakota State again in Saturday’s FCS Playoffs. Strangely apropos.

While the FCS is in the midst of its playoff, conference championship weekend marks an unofficial beginning to the FBS postseason, as well. Conference title games can work as de facto tournament games, both for national championship-aspiring teams — see Ohio State in 2014 — and for Heisman Trophy contenders — 2009 finalist Ndamukong Suh comes to mind.

While the end of the college football regular season is a melancholy time, it’s a bittersweet sadness. Yes, the fall is coming to an end, leaving us facing an eight-month abyss without the greatest season in all of sport. But at the same time, Championship Weekend typically provides a raging climax — and not the kind of Ragin’ Climax WrestleMania XV promised in its tagline, which turned out hugely disappointing.

Continue on for the CFB Huddle conference championship previews, 100% bereft of WWF Attitude Era references (from this point forward).