Steve Harvey Calls Great Moments in College Football History


It’s OK, Steve Harvey. It’s easy to understand how a broadcaster could announce the wrong winner during a live event. But imagine, if you will, a college football world wherein the most spectacular finishes got the Steve Harvey treatment.

On second thought, why imagine when I can give you just that!

“Fourth-and-five, the national championship on the line right here. He’s going for the cooooooorneeeeer…He’s got it! Frostee Rucker got Vince Young to step out just short of the first-down mark! USC is going to win its third consecutive national championship!”

“Takes the snap, hands it to Dyer. The freshman back runs for six to the 46. He was tackled by Eddie Pleasant. Boy, if Michael Dyer kept running, he could have set up a game-winning field goal for Auburn, but instead, we may be headed to overtime here in Glendale.”

“On the waaaaay…No! Chris Davis caught it but stepped out and the 2013 Iron Bowl is headed to overtime.”

“Three wide receivers out to the right…Flutie flushed. Throws it down…CAUGHT BY A MIAMI DEFENDER IN THE END ZONE! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! The Hurricanes survive, 45-41!”

“Rodgers, along the sideline, another one. They’re still in deep trouble at midfield. They tried to lure a couple…THE BALL IS STILL LOOSE! As they get it to Rodgers. They get back now to the 30. They’re down to the 20. OH THE BAND IS OUT ON THE FIELD! He’s going to go into the end zone! THE BEARS! THE BEARS HAVE WON! OH MY GOD…Oh wait, I think one of those laterals was illegal. STANFORD WINS! YOU PLAY US OUT OF HERE, STANFORD BAND!”