Georgia State-Charlotte, #MACtion and The Quest for Exposure

America’s insatiable hunger for football is the demand. There’s no shortage of supply, with 128 programs in the Football Bowl Subdivision, and another 125 in the Championship Subdivision. However, finding distribution for the product — vis a vis, live-game telecasts — can bit a struggle. Even with more channels dedicated to sports than at any […]


Aug. 30 News: College Football’s Best Defense

Boise State boasts the right combination of high-impact pass-rushers, run-pursuing ball-hawks and lock-down coverage men that the Broncos can claim college football’s best defense. And college football’s best defense has a pretty solid outlook for a perfect regular season, assuming it can carry Boise State to wins over Washington and BYU in Weeks 1 and […]


ESPN Showcasing Liberty-Coastal Carolina on A Thursday Night

The regular season-concluding Liberty-Coastal Carolina is getting national broadcast treatment from ESPN. Coastal Carolina announced Wednesday via its official website that the finale, originally scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 21, is moving to Thursday, Nov. 19, to be showcased on ESPNNews. From the official statement: “We are thrilled to showcase one of the most important FCS […]


Montana Football Hype Video Should Get You Amped for Aug. 29

The first college football game of the 2015 season is a mere 17 days away, or two weeks from this Saturday. If you haven’t yet circled Aug. 29 on your calendar, the official Montana football hype video should change that. This year’s Week 0 Football Championship Subdivision showcase has four-time defending national champion North Dakota […]


Storylines for the 2015 FCS Season

Folks erroneously set the countdown clock to college football at 100 days last week. For those whose calendars are set thusly, I have some strong #WellActually for you: the 2015 FCS season starts Aug. 29 when North Dakota State visits Montana for what should be a tremendous matchup of two of the nation’s best teams. […]


North Dakota State Hypes Drive for Fifth Title with Game of Thrones Tweet

North Dakota State’s pursuit of a remarkable fifth consecutive Football Championship Subdivision national title got the Game of Thrones treatment. Here’s the official NDSU athletic department’s positively Joker Phillips-quality Photoshop: 100 days until the epic fifth season! #NDSUvsMontana #GameOfThundar #ValarDohaeris #ESPN — NDSU Athletics (@NDSUathletics) May 21, 2015 Photoshop quality aside, there’s no doubt […]

The Madness of College Football Saturday

I have often heard and read this particular Thursday and Friday of March described as the best sports days of the year. I’m hard-pressed to disagree. But, as someone whose love of college football and college basketball are about on equal footing, I get the same joy from a stacked college football Saturday that I […]