Week 6 Saturday Six-Pack: Approaching The Airport


Week 6 is college football’s last on the incline of the curve. After this Saturday, it’s all downhill on the race to the postseason.

The legendary Beano Cook once quipped on the ESPN college football podcast that each season felt like Casablanca: You start it, and next thing you know, you’re at the airport.

In that analogy, these October Saturdays are when we start to learn who will not stick out theirs necks for anyone.

The Week 6 Saturday Six-Pack features seven still-undefeated teams, and eight squads that still appear to be within striking distance of the College Football Playoff. Ole Miss’ colossal blunder at Florida last week shows just how quickly a team can get downgraded in this wild sprint to the finish.

We’ll be left saying, Here’s lookin’ at you, kid, to some team that has its heart broken in Week 6.


So what if it’s not a Red River Shootout of days past? The annual Oklahoma-Texas showdown in the Cotton Bowl is still a college football tradition on par with the game’s best, and as much an October tradition as Halloween and the World Series.

In honor of the Red River Shootout and the just-completed Oktoberfest in Munich, Week 6’s Six-Pack is my favorite Texas-based brewery’s take on the Oktoberfest marzen.

You might seem out-of-place ordering Shiner Oktoberfest at Rick’s, but it’s a great addition to a college football Saturday.