Championship Preview Saturday 6-Pack: Alabama-Clemson


Plenty of outlets are peddling a College Football Playoff championship preview, but only CFB Huddle can offer you a cold sixer to go along with your national title breakdown.

The Saturday 6-Pack goes out in a blaze of Playoff glory before officially goes dormant until next September. Sad times here at CFB Huddle HQ. But enough digression; your championship preview ensues below with the vitals, breakdown on the pages numbered below, and of course, with the Six-Pack. Lift your glasses in one last salute to the 2015 college football season.

KICKOFF: Monday, Jan. 11


Las Vegas:Alabama -6


In honor of the College Football Playoff’s appearance in Arizona, the Saturday Six-Pack spotlights an Arizona-brewed beer: SanTan Brewing Company’s MoonJuice IPA.

Having grown up in Arizona, I write this without the slightest derision intended: California trends take a year or two to reach the Grand Canyon State. The Southern California breweries, particularly those in North County San Diego, perfected IPA in the last decade, but SanTan’s MoonJuice matches the best San Diego County has to offer.