Week 8 Saturday Six-Pack: Going Off The Grid


The Week 8 docket isn’t particularly impressive on paper, but you know what that means. Buckle in for upsets and wild finishes galore.

Paring down to the six best games for the Week 8 Saturday Six-Pack was no easy task. Pinpointing any clear upset candidates is challenging — that’s why they’re upsets.

To that end, the Week 8 Saturday Six-Pack is stocked with some offbeat selections. Personally, I enjoy these kind of weekends.

Programs that typically don’t share in the national spotlight get to bask in the glow, and College Gameday sets the tone with a broadcast live from James Madison.

One of my earliest, professional gigs was covering FCS for CBS. I really came to love the subdivision then, and I’m always happy to see it gain attention on the big stage.

Chances are if you’re reading the Saturday Six-Pack, you’re wild about college football. If you’re underwhelmed by the power-conference offerings of Week 8, I suggest you tune in to an off-the-grid Group of Five game or a top-level FCS matchup.

WEEK 8 SIX-PACK: Saranac Pumpkin Ale

As October winds down, I’m getting in all the pumpkin I can while it’s still appropriate. If you like pumpkin ales — and why wouldn’t you?! — Saranac Pumpkin Ale is one of the best.

It drinks more like a red ale, with the pumpkin as an accent. On a college football Saturday punctuated with several off-the-grid gems to be found for the intrepid fan, this beer fits the theme.

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