Tennessee Titans, NFL Refuse to Evolve

Sometimes, the NFL can be a real downer for a college football die-hard such as myself. Today’s Tennessee Titans press conference introducing retread Mike Mularkey as its new head coach was the NFL going into full buzzkill mode. The Titans drafting 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota piqued my interest, and Mariota’s stellar debut gave […]


Deontay Wilder, Boxing and The “War on Football”

Alabama added another notch in its championship belt Saturday when WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder scored a ninth-round knockout victory over Polish challenger, Artur Szpilka. [email protected] knocks out @szpilka_artur in round 9 and retains his WBC heavyweight title #AndStill #WilderSzpilka https://t.co/aB8J3liY8T — SHOWTIME SPORTS (@SHOsports) January 17, 2016 Tuscaloosa-born Deontay Wilder’s third successful title defense […]


A Dream for Big 12, Championship Game Deregulation

The NCAA announced Wednesday, via the DI Council conference championship deregulation. The decision effectively opening the door for the Big 12 and Sun Belt to host title games without expansion. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby immediately followed the NCAA’s announcement with a statement of his own, reassuring opponents of a potential championship game after the […]


It’s Hard Out Here for Coordinators

Coordinators operate as college football programs canaries-in-the-coal-mine, or Uncle Elmer’s trick knee just before a tornado. Abrupt dismissal of a coordinator often suggests impending trouble, or damage control amid ongoing turmoil. The relatively short shelf-life of most coordinators is reflective of today’s win-now college football landscape, albeit at warp-speed. This week alone, four programs coming […]


Robert Sarver’s Silly Millennial Blaming

This is a college football website, so Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver blaming his NBA franchise’s woes on “millennial culture” seems a bit out of place here. And, because this is a college football website, I’ll refrain from harping on how Robert Sarver’s failed tenure heading the Suns is a disaster, bound for its sixth […]


A Perfect Exit for Keenan Reynolds 

I spoke with Keenan Reynolds before the 2014 for an Athlon Sports profile I was writing, when the name Ricky Dobbs came up.  Dobbs’ tenure at Navy, which ended just two years before Reynolds arrived in Annapolis, was historic. Dobbs set records and generated national buzz, even some Heisman talk.  Reynolds said in that June […]