Mississippi State Football Has A Talented Up-and-Comer in Peter Sirmon

Defensive coordinator for Dan Mullen’s Mississippi State Bulldogs has been a stepping stone to more prominent positions of late, which makes it a natural career decision for reported new hire Peter Sirmon. #MissState hires #USC LB coach Peter Sirmon as defensive coordinator a day after he interviewed for the job. — Lindsey Thiry (@LindseyThiry) […]


National Championship at the Half: Back to Even

The National Championship Game’s first half certainly delivered. Clemson and Alabama are deadlocked at 14-14 for the first national championship stalemate since Oklahoma and Florida went into the locker room deadlocked at 7 in 2009. We got ourselves a ballgame… Two more quarters to glory. Make it happen. #ALLIN — Clemson Football (@ClemsonFB) January 12, 2016 […]


It’s Hard Out Here for Coordinators

Coordinators operate as college football programs canaries-in-the-coal-mine, or Uncle Elmer’s trick knee just before a tornado. Abrupt dismissal of a coordinator often suggests impending trouble, or damage control amid ongoing turmoil. The relatively short shelf-life of most coordinators is reflective of today’s win-now college football landscape, albeit at warp-speed. This week alone, four programs coming […]


Bowl Preview Bonanza Part V: Halfway Home

When we last left off, the CFB Huddle Bowl Preview Bonanza dangled from thr proverbial cliff. Part IV began with the first of the four-game Tuesday slate, but ended there. That’s because the Armed Forces Bowl marks the exact midway point of the bowl season, thus making for a natural time to take an intermission. […]


Bowl Preview Bonanza Part IV: Beginning of The End

The proliferation of bowl games that facilitated 5-7 postseason participants (2-0, suckers!) accelerated in the last five years. However, it began with a creep at the turn of the millennium. Before various pre-Christmas bowls surfaced in the early 2000s, this week between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 was the appetizer ahead of the New Year’s […]


Steve Harvey Calls Great Moments in College Football History

It’s OK, Steve Harvey. It’s easy to understand how a broadcaster could announce the wrong winner during a live event. But imagine, if you will, a college football world wherein the most spectacular finishes got the Steve Harvey treatment. On second thought, why imagine when I can give you just that! “Fourth-and-five, the national championship […]

Robert Nkemdiche Continues A Very Strange Season for Ole Miss Football

Everything about Robert Nkemdiche’s last few days is peculiar, which fits right in line with Ole Miss football’s 2015 season. Nkemdiche was charged with possession of marijuana following a 15-foot fall from an Atlanta hotel window. Rumors of Nkemdiche using synthetic marijuana circulated, thanks primarily to Fox Sports’ Clay Travis — rumors Nkemdiche summarily denied […]


Re-Rock The Vote: Heisman Snubs Remembered

Saturday, one of either Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey or Deshaun Watson will join the most illustrious and exclusive club of college football as Heisman Trophy winners. For the runners-up, supports may well argue their inclusion on another roster comprised of some of the sport’s all-time greats: that of notable Heisman snubs. Each of this year’s […]